ICT Audit


Your Situation

You face one of the following challenges:

The majority of your IT systems have reached an end-of-life stage.

You plan for a new, major ICT initiative (e.g. ERP, CRM, VoIP, etc.).

Your ICT expenditure seems high

You do not generate any benefits by employing ICT

Our Solution

Our frame methodology allows you a comprehensive and unbiased overview of your ICT landscape. In a tested approach we analyze your ICT infrastructure and, at the same time, business culture and competency of use. Initially, a Fit/Gap analysis will render quick attention points for your action. After the audit a 12-point-heading ICT Audit report will be issued to you, outlining the findings.

Data Review

Assessment of current state and correlation between business culture and ICT culture

IT Governance Review and Competency-of-use review

Report compilation and presentation

Optional: Action Plan

Your Benefits

Creating a reliable, all-addressing baseline for you ICT will save you substantial amounts of money in the long-term. But that is not all:

You have the chance to optimize the use of your ICT at a best cost position.

You are in a position to define a reliable, cost-effective and optimized ICT Strategy for the coming years.

You will enjoy a guaranteed Return on Investment in a short timeframe.

Report compilation and presentation

Optional: Action Plan