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Hard Soft Technology is widely recognized by customers, competitors, and industry organizations as the computer rental company in the United Arab Emirates. Hard Soft Technology has a offers a compelling combination of brand name equipment, top technical services, and competitive rates with every rental package. It is that we truly care about the success of your event, conference, or corporate rental need.

From the first phone call to Hard Soft Technology you will feel the genuine dedication of an account manager committed to the success of your rental. We understand, that in this on-demand world, quality and the timing of your technology is critical. From the initial quotation to the delivery and installation, the process will be efficient, organized, and hassle free. Companies in this computer rental and audio-visual rental industry have to deliver the right product at the right time to the right place and we know that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! HArd Soft Technology thrives by doing “Whatever It Takes” to provide an extensive range of equipment rentals supported by 24 X 7 technical expertise.

In the market for trade show rentals? Keep in mind that these events are an important battlefield in the global marketing war for customers. Exhibitors and associations increasingly rely on innovative and cutting-edge equipment to help capture customer attention, showcase products, and drive their brand. If you are in the market for corporate computer rental, remember that Hard Soft Technology possesses a number of industry-leading capabilities in both configuration and shipping. Hard Soft Technology’ specially designed nationwide facilities and unique method of imaging allow an unprecedented capability of up to one thousand computers to deliver per day.

Give us one opportunity to show you why we are the premier Computer Rental company. We promise you will be happy with your decision! Check Hard Soft Technology out for Server rentals, Plasma rentals, PC rentals, Flat display rentals, Video Wall rentals, Kiosk rentals or to rent Laptops, rent Projectors and more. Call us +971 50 3587672 and contact rental account managers live for your needs or use our quick quotes form today.

Ways To Save Time and Money With MerchantOS.

Our customers tell us one thing they love about MerchantOS is how much time and money it saves them. Here are a couple of ways that you will benefit.

No More Data Backups

No Software To Install

Less typing.

Never Buy Another Software

Work From Home.

Use The Computer You Already Own.