Voice Cabling

Full range of telecom specification multicore telephone cable is available ranging from internal CW1308 to external CW1128 (gel filled poly) and specialist cables i.e. internal-external CW1308B / CW1198 grade (non gel filled metallic moisture barrier allowed to route freely within buildings with no restriction on distance relating to fire codes) these cables are available in pair counts from 2 to 320.


Termination frames, floor or wall mount will be provided to terminate cables with Disconnection strips 237-A for the correct size of cable with expansion if required. Designation strips 50A will also be provided. All pairs will be tested for correct continuity and polarity on completion. If required voice link cables will be provided for provision of voice circuits over structured cabling, 16 and 24 way panels are available configured to run either standard analogue (TBR/ER), digital extensions or ISDN II.

All telecom cables as listed above can be incorporated into any structured cabling design.
When cabling for voice communications, you want to be certain that your service company follows all codes and understands every aspect of the procedure. Action Communication’s cable installers possess a minimum of 5 years experience and can connect your organization with voice communications quickly and effectively, even while you are out of the office if this is most convenient for you. We certify all cable when we are finished, so you are guaranteed that your new cable will work for years to come.